yousadollface (xlost_alibisx) wrote,

austin nation

so basically haven't written in the LONGEST time.
no longer with jared, dating a guy named brandon. hes pretty sweet and he definitely treats me well. we have been dating almost a year, it will be in april.

i know i only write when something is wrong or i feel an overload well right now is a little bit of both. my relationships going well but im having this like long streak of bad luck. i went outta town got crazy crazy lost, almost got killed like a billion times, smoked myself stupid, got all my shit lost or stolen, listened to stupid horny teenage boys on sixth street moan about getting "pussy", getting lost in ireland, getting yelled at work, and having to work late on sunday. it just keeps getting worse and worse. lame lame lameeee i hate losing/being stolen from the most. i only buy nice things for myself rarely and i wanted the shirt i bought for soooo long and i was finally able to afford it and then it fucking gets stolen. bull fucking shit.
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