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Things are....

getting way better.

it seems as if hes trying alot harder to make things work, or
maybe im just taking things less serious.

either way things seem to be working out.

like we've hung out since friday and im having sooo much fun!

theres only one thing thats bothering me
and its him texting this girl haley.

shes from myspace and has a crush on him.
shes always like omg i wish you were here and bullshit
i basically wanna kick her ass

but im not mad at him for it,
it just really pisses me off.

stupid bitches do that tho.

like today we went to see missed call
and these like 14 yr old girls would NOT freakin shut up.

if i wasnt 20 i would have kicked their asses. no joke.

on another note,
i keep having nightmares about my ex stephan.
he really fucked up my life
and i cant get it out of my head
but whats crazy was it was a year ago.
so its not even recent.
idk. it just sucks.
i wish i could take everything having to do with him

the pain, the ruined grades, the heartache, the bad experiences,
and my virginity.

but alas he stole everything.
and i mean everything.

sometimes i end up thinking that every boys like him
but then i realize
that NO one can be that pathetic,
besides him of course.

tys my bestie <3
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